Resolutions: Let the New Year Begin

New Year/New Week and posting with my ladies from The Blended Blog with our Resolutions.

I’m also blessed to have a holiday day off to celebrate the beautiful contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One my favorite quotes of all-time is this one from Dr. King.

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I want this to be my mantra and the way of my life but so often I’m more focused on me than you. Sad but true how easily I fail but in failure there is an opportunity to grow. And this is where I find beauty in the new beginning of new year. That’s what this post is all about today and I’m so glad you’re here because I’m excited to share all that has been going through my head and ruminating in my heart on this topic.


New Year’s Resolutions! Wow, they are totally different for me this year. Why? Well, I stumbled upon The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I know, I know…probably everyone on the planet has read it but me. I’m slow to party sometimes, but I did arrive and so glad that happened! I could not even put the book down and when I had to stop reading to eat, sleep or go to work, I impatiently waited to begin reading again. So many ‘aha moments’ for me and a totally different perspective to realign my life with goals and things I want to accomplish or change for me personally.

Why did this speak to me? Well, I loved her idea of 12 Commandments. I crafted my own to help me with creating a more happy me. At the end of the day she was focusing on being happy and realisticially to be more happy you have to work on yourself. I am not really an unhappy person even though I don’t gush or skip around smiling all the time, but I would like to make some changes in myself to develop myself better into the person I want to be. I don’t believe that happiness is the end all to life but I believe people can live a richer life when they invest and develop themselves. Gretchen made me see and understand a workable way to do just that. So today I want to reveal my 12 Commandments and explain a little about them and why these are the aspects/issues of myself I want to work on during 2018 and probably further into the future.

12 Commandments

Whew! That’s a lot of words, isn’t it? Well, it took me a while to put it all together. I did some random writing and some Pinterest research and then wrote again and again. Edited, copied others {sorta} and finally sat down with my husband and asked if these really identified what I’m seeking to accomplish this year. These are the broad strokes of life but I’ll work on little things too each month. For example, in the realm of accepting new challenges, I want to learn some crafty things. I’ve shared my ideas with my work bestie, Tabitha and she’s in the game with me. In the vein of community, I’m going to meet up with some of my favorite blogging friends next week in Seattle. So that’s kinda how it’s fleshing out.

This month I’ve just been trying to wrap my mind around these commandments and haven’t made the little goals for the month to any great extent. I did however decideo do some cash saving challenges and if you head over to Pinterest you’ll find a board where I’ve pinned a variety of them. I’m also working on my style and reading books and recording daily Scriptures in my planner. I’m also trying to be intentional to write down five things per week that I’m grateful for because five per day was overwhelming right in the beginning. So…this is where I’m heading in 2018. It is coming together and this is the first time in forever that I feel focused and confident that this year will be filled with many new and good things.

2018 ~ The year of My Happiness Project. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as it progresses.

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Have the best day, friends! ~ Carrie

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  • That's a lot of resolutions! I make a couple each year, mainly to be more organised but it rarely works out! Have a great week xx
    • Trying to work it girl in 2018. We'll see what life looks like in December! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Love your commandments!! I just pulled that book out of storage because I don’t remember it lol
    • Thank you, friend! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Christy
    What a neat idea!
    • Thank you, Christy! I'm super excited about it!
  • These commandments are so very you! I already admire you as a person but I'm still excited to watch you grow more into what makes you happy this year. Cheers to 2018, my lovely friend!
    • I read this comment to Dale. We both love you bunches. Thank you for believing in me! Hugs to you!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Oh Carrie, what a great idea, love your 12. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful day off!
  • Laura
    I haven't read The Happiness Project yet, but after hearing so many great things I think I need to! I love your commandments. There are so many great ones on there we can all work towards!
    • Thank you, Laura! I hope you get the opportunity to read it. It's definitely worth the time.
  • I love this so much, and every single thing you wrote in your commandments I was just nodding along. Those commandments are very you, and I know this will be a good year to focus on you and being the best you, you can.
    • Thank you, friend! I'm so encouraged by your comment!
  • I love your #1 commandment - be Carrie! That's the best daily reminder, to just be your fabulous self! Something I need to do. Brooke pumps and push-ups
    • Thank you, Brooke! I need to remember to me and not get lost into someone I'm not.
  • I love your list! I think having a list of affirmations or commandments may be so much more encouraging than a hard, set resolution. Hope you had a great day off!
    • Thanks, Tanya! I agree with the commandments being a little more on the encouraging side and more like a guidepost.
  • Lisa Richardson
    Wow Carrie! What an inspiration. I've never read that book and so I'm even later to the party than you
  • Aw, I love love love love this and I can't wait to pick your brain next week. Man, I just want to hug you.
    • I am so happy that I'm coming!!! I cannot wait to hug and bask in the joy of our friendship!
  • Your commandments have some similarities to my intentions. I remember loving The Happiness Project when I read it a few years ago. Happiness is a big thing for me right now, so I should probably pull it out again!
    • I see so much happiness in you during the last year. You've been an inspiration to me in more than one way lately.
  • Erin Peyerk
    Well I'm late to the party, too, because I haven't read The Happiness Project. But after reading your post, I think I might start reading it this week! Love your list of 12. :)
    • Hi Erin! I hope you love it and find it life changing like I did.
  • Lori
    These are great commandments. I love them all and can't wait to see the progress throughout the year! I may just be copying you on some of these adventures of yours.
    • I would love it if you copied me, Lori! You are such a faithful reader. I really appreciate it!
  • I've read that book, but I have the worst reading retention skills, so I don't remember much about it. I vaguely remember her commandments, and now seeing yours, I think I want to implement that. I like the idea of those things guiding my life and my decisions!
    • Thanks, Amber! I hope you develop your own commandments. I found it very fulfilling to put into words how I wanted to work on me.