Marriage: The Bride

Marriage_ The Bride

The bride! Didn’t we all just dream of being one when were little girls? I sure did! Growing up my dad’s aunt owned a bridal store and I loved whenever we stopped in to see her. I would wander through the store and choose my favorite dress. Ruffles, lace, long trains…it was a beautiful in the eyes of a little girl. And then there was Barbie and Ken. Barbie always looked so beautiful in her wedding gowns. Dreams of brides run deep in a girl’s heart wouldn’t you agree?

And then you become a bride which means you’re a wife too. It happens that quick and all in one day. One of the newer trends that I appreciate about my faith is when men refer to their wives as their bride. Why? Because I think we all can look back on our wedding day and know we were beautiful. I mean extra beautiful! That lovely blissful day evokes joyous memories. If only those were carried forward through the mundane of everyday life, right?!

So the bride. All the thoughts came to fruition when we had to miss church because now my hubby is sick. We decided to stream a message from a church we love in Dallas called Watermark. Of course, it was about marriage. Of course, we had missed Re|engage again because of sickness last Thursday. {January has just been a wash on this front}. I was excited that the message was focused on marriage though.

Marriage ~ the single focus of it is to glorify God. What? Yes, I knew that but…isn’t it all about the bride?

Marriage ~ it is good because it was given by a good, good Father. Yes, I knew that too…isn’t it all about the bride?

Marriage ~ it’s not all about the bride. Yes, I knew that too…are we sure it’s not all about the bride?!

Then the mixture of words I dread hearing sometimes happened. Marriage is not about the bride {me}. Have I been discontent? What has brought about that discontentment? Maybe it’s because it’s not about me and maybe I can easily make comparisons and see the green pastures over yonder. Oh, yes, comparison is the thief of joy and truly the destructor of marriage in many ways.

The pastor urged us on toward a loftier life in marriage, which is the single focus on the author and perfector of our faith. Hmmm…change my focus. It’s not about me but instead we and Him. Makes all the difference in the world, friends.

So I’ve decided to take the high road and strive to be content in marriage and then celebrate it and work on it in a million little ways that need it.

I’m going to remember this verse:

House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the Lord. ~ Proverbs 19:14

prudent: careful in providing for the future

I’m going to work on being prudent because the future, our future and my future will be impacted greatly on the decisions I make…all the little million of them.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • I totally agree. When I was getting married I made a conscious effort to say our wedding instead of my wedding as it was two people getting married. As we navigate through. Life it is always a we and never I. At least I try to think of it that way!! Unless it comes to choosing take out, then it’s what I want :-)
  • molly
    Marriage is overrated in my opinion and weddings have become a display of extravagance and not about two people joining together as a team Mollyx
  • Donna
    Sadly, even in the church today, girls get all wrapped in the wedding. They haven't given one thought toward the marriage. In fact, what they really want is a pretty dress and a kick butt party...not a marriage. This is also why the divorce rate inside the church is the same as outside the church. Marriage is work and compromise. Its leaving and cleaving...the two become one. One flesh, one home, one heart and one bank account (yep, I went there).
  • Beautiful Carrie! TFS!
    • Thank you, sweet Amy!