Working Out in Small Spaces

Have I told you that we sold our home last August? Well, we did. It wasn’t a big home and by most standards just a starter home with less than 1400 square feet. Through that sale we willingly downsized and moved into a town home with 842 square feet. Living in a small space has its ups and downs. Not… Read More

Easter Feminine + Link-Up

Do we all just wait for Easter to wear something pretty and new? For as long as I can remember, Easter signaled that Spring was definitely here and the time to wear something fresh and bright. Although I also remember growing up in Iowa and looking out my window on Easter morning only to be greeted by snow. I may… Read More

Currently – April 2017

It’s Currently time with Anne in Residence. I love these monthly check-ins and the different word choices each month. Here goes… accomplishing ~ I was accomplishing a free online Accounting class but I got distracted. So many distractions all the time…goodness! But I will get back on track because I want to finish. I would then be accomplishing a goal!… Read More

My {un} Perfect Life

The other day I was thinking about life. My thoughts were drawn to just how regular and mundane daily life can be for me {and probably for most people}. I don’t have a fancy life nor does my life look at like a Pinterest pin. Truth be told I’m just sorta ordinary. My ordinary typically includes…an early morning workout followed… Read More

an outfit that wasn’t + link-up

Wednesdays are the best day! Linking up with my sweet blogging friends at The Blended Blog for Spring Fever Fashion. Be sure to add your post with us today! Tell the truth, friends! How many times have you put an outfit together in your head and thought you liked it. But you didn’t actually put it on until the last-minute… Read More

What about those shakes?

What’s the hype about shakes and smoothies these days? Don’t people like to eat their food? Well, truth be told I am a fan of shakes and I also love to eat real food. I definitely eat my meals throughout the day but I also have a shake too. Today I want to share about shakes and my favorite powder… Read More