A Wine-Tasting Adventure

Hello, friends! Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you had a beautiful weekend and are ready to tackle Monday! It’s here so WINE not?! No, I didn’t misspell that a word. It’s just that this post happens to be about my first wine-tasting with the hubby. You see over a year ago I promised this gal, a great blogging buddy that I would learn to drink wine so I could have a glass with her. I’m late to the party but I’m trying to keep my promise. And this gal is none other that the fabulous Deena from Shoes to Shiraz.


Imagine how much fun we could have if wine was involved? On second thought, don’t answer that or let your imagine run wild.

To start our adventure, I simply Googled for local wineries that have tasting rooms. We found a few and settled on one in a little small town not far from our home. This little town had seen better days in its downtown but it was quaint and I love quaint small towns.


Looks a little Ameircana doesn’t it?  One thing I love about small towns is when they try to hang onto or recapture that little piece of Americana that has vanished and been replaced with glitz and glam.

The place was getting ready for a event that evening so it was quiet people-wise but the employees were hustling to prepare for the influx of people showing up in a few hours. We chatted a bit about wine and what we would probably like the best. Then the adventure began.

Up first was a sweet rose’. It was good to me and hubby thought so too.


I mean, I guess so because my glass is empty or maybe I have a super power like this guy.

IMG_6332 (1)

Next was another sweet wine followed by a dry wine. Oh, my goodness! I could not even swallow the dry wine. For me, the dry wine was like swallowing cotton. Decision made – I’m sweet wine liker/drinker.


We also ordered what they call an Antipasta Plate. Well, now you are talking. You had me at meat, cheese, crackers, chocolate and WINE. I’m all in now!


After the dry wine, we tasted a frozen Sangria at the suggestion of our waitress. We had one red and one white. Red was better but then the server told us about a swirl. Frozen, slushy and swirly plus food was something I’m signing up for any day of the week!


Yep, this was the best wine of the trip. I love everything about frozen and slushy! We shared this one and good thing because this virgin wine drinker might have had some wobbly legs leaving the building otherwise.


And there you have it! I’m on my way to discovering my WINE favorites and language. Thought you would enjoy some WINE humor on your Monday.

Image result for you had me at merlot old navy

While I'm not into the whole counting calories thing, this is still funny

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Hope you have a great week!

Be blessed ~ Carrie

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    LOVE your wine humor and that slushy...oh just look at that fabulousness in a glass! What a great lil adventure for you and the Mr. and that pic of you ad Dee just makes me smile!!! I hope your week gets off to beautiful start!!
  • shootingstarsmag
    haha love all the wine humor! That's great you're figuring out what types of win you enjoy. :) -Lauren www.shootingstarsmag.net here from the Weekending link up!
    • I hope we can find a few more too!
  • bahahahaha- this is awesome. I hope to someday clink wine glasses with you soon! Miss you friend!
  • I need to up my wine game too! Looks like so much fun.
    • Dang, I wish we lived closer and we could work on this together.
  • Clairejustineo
    Love wine :) looks like a fun time. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us tomorrow.
    • It was so fun! Thanks for always have great link-ups, Claire!
  • Such a fun idea for a date, even if wine isn't your favorite thing. There's always cheese :) Plus a handy way to start learning what you like. I used to think I didn't really like wine until I went on some work trips with a French guy who made the wine selections at dinner... when you find the good stuff, it's good, ha!
    • Oh my! I totally want to find the good stuff that knocks my socks off! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Amy LaForte
    This looks so fun. Something that's on my husband and my todo list as well. =)
    • I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  • Sandra Garth
    Now I want to go to a wine tasting. I like wine but I'm with you about the dry ones. A wine tasting would be so much fun for a girls night out and I love the wine humor.
    • I agree! A GNO with wine tasting would be super fun! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Alicia-OneMotherHen
    Mine and hubby's first date was a winery tour...on a bus with the rest of his tennis team for their end of year breakup! lol I like sweet wines too, they seem to be a little lower in alcohol than the others too, which is a good thing!
  • I went to my first winery a few months ago and I loved it so much! I left like I learned a lot because before that, when someone would ask what kind of wine I liked, I would say "white." Haha! That food looks delicious too!