Looking Back & Looking Ahead

looking back & looking ahead

I felt like this photo embodied where I am right now. As we have moved into our new {old} home and unpacked to really settle in I have found myself really reminiscing. I realized when we downsized I was probably not in my right mind. I say that because I know I have given away things that I now wish I had kept. To be honest I’ve scoured local thrift stores looking for my treasures. Honestly, I wish that was a lie but it’s the truth. My little heart has been a bit broken over a few treasures. I say treasures…those items had no great dollar value but the sentimental value for me is priceless. I now realize my mind was truly not a good place at the time we sold our home. I wish I could turn the tables back one year to July 2016 and know what I know now. That sort of thing only happens in the movies though. Please learn from my mistake, dear reader. Don’t be hasty!

What else does one do to possibly retrieve lost treasures? Well, it is possible to drive around town and hit the local garage sales. Let me say that was another big flop. I knew it would be but one can always try to this one tried. But in the midst of that little adventure, there was an Estate Sale at a prominent older historic home. Wow! The moments spend there were so worth it. The home reminded me of grandparent’s home in so many ways. The moldings, doors, cabinetry and built-ins just conjured up childhood memories. More sentimental joys ran through my heart of hours and hours spent in the home of my mom’s parents. I have come to really appreciate the simplicity of older homes that were built to stand the test of time.

So my treasure hunt was really a bust. But at the local mini mall of vendors I found a few items that I had to purchase because of my Scandinavian heritage. My grandma had many of these pieces and I have a few handed down from her. Not the best pictures but my heart was happy to find these items.


I am book lover but unfortunately I let go of some of my favorites in that category too. {Side note: The more I write the more nausea I am feeling.} Thankfully, I unpacked a sweet gem called Little Heathens. If there has ever been a book that helped me understanding my heritage and identify with my family, it is this book. It is reminding me of those people who helped mold me into the person I am. I’m reminded that life used to hard but simple and today it is far easier {or more comfortable anyway} and so much more complicated. If you need a look into the past I recommend it.

Friends, I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes and although we can’t keep everything don’t be hasty to let go of things that you cherish. Fortunately, I kept my grandma’s writing desk and an old clock. The clock perches perfectly a top the desk. I’ve not really heard it chime but the trip to our new residence it was jostled around and it magically began to run. The chime count is off but what the heck, it started it’s journey in my grandma’s parents or grandparent’s home. It is incredibly old. Enjoy!


Hope y’all have a great day!

~Carrie xoxox









  • Jill

    Carrie – thanks so much for your post this morning. I’m actually packing up the home my husband and I have had for the past 15 years. We are empty nesters and are moving to a smaller house that will be better since it’s just “us two”. I knew that the process would be hard in some ways….but did not expect how emotional it would be. I have cried many times in the packing process. Family treasures are important – even though they’re just things. I think they can be symbols of the past, relationships, or times in our lives that were happy. They can link us to our past. Thank you for encouraging me to hold on to
    the things that can not be replaced. God Bless you. I pray God’s peace for you during this transition.
    Jill M.

    • Thank you, Jill for sharing this with me. I hope my experience helps you in yours. Best wishes for you, dear one!

  • Aw, friend…I’m so sorry you’re feeling this…I just want to hug you.

    • I would love that hug! It’s been a hard couple of weeks.

  • Oh no! What a terrible feeling! Maybe picturing your treasures in a new and happy home might help? Think of the joy they could be bringing the next person!

    • You are so sweet to give me this perspective! Thank you!

  • I’m sorry you’re going through this right now friend. It’s been a difficult summer so far, but I just keep telling myself things will get better! Your grandma’s clock is such a beautiful treasure.

  • What a rough year you’ve had! My daughter was just sharing something with me that she learned from her small group. It’s a circle that begins with normal –> chaos –> teachable moments –> new maturity. Then the cycle repeats. It’s sounds like you are making it through a teachable moment and will grow into new maturity and then you will get back to normal! Hang in there through the growth pains and keep sharing what you’re learning! It’s good stuff!

  • Transition of any sort is hard Carrie and it sounds like you have had your fill the past several years. Hopefully moving back “home” will help to heal your heart.

  • this is a timely post for me to read as we prepare to purge a ton of stuff from our basement! I’ll have to really think about what I’m willing to part with and might have to argue my husband who is keen to throw out all the things lol
    Glad you found some pieces that remind you of your heritage