What about those shakes?

What’s the hype about shakes and smoothies these days? Don’t people like to eat their food? Well, truth be told I am a fan of shakes and I also love to eat real food. I definitely eat my meals throughout the day but I also have a shake too. Today I want to share about shakes and my favorite powder that goes into building one that is great tasting and nourishing.

Let’s start at the beginning. When I started getting serious about being in shape I added a protein drink to my nutritional intake. That was mainly to add some protein in order to build muscle and help my muscles recover quickly after a workout. I have tried many protein drinks. Oh my gosh! So many… and these are just the few I could remember!


Well, then I got hooked up with Beachbody. I love their workout programs so I became a coach. Even though I was fairly fit and worked out several days a week, I saw a difference after one round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I followed their food guidelines and drank Shakeology. I loved the taste and richness of it right from the start. After a few rounds of the whey version I switched to vegan chocolate because I began to realize that whey {dairy} was beginning to not agree with my digestive system. I loved the vegan chocolate and it became my go-to on the run breakfast after a morning workout.

And then…recently I ran out of Shakeology and was feeling a little overwhelmed so I thought I would step away from coaching. I felt I wasn’t really helping anyone. Ever feel like simply giving up when you have too much on your plate and feel super discouraged? I do and on the verge of turning 54 I have finally began to embrace my limitations and know when to draw back but I digress and that is a post for another day.

Back to Shakeology. As I said I was going to quit coaching so I decided to not order another bag and find something at a health food store. I purchased Bone Broth Protein. I liked the flavor but I felt it was not as nutritiously dense as Shakeology. I could tell by the consistency of the drink when it was mixed in the same way as Shakeology. I typically add a banana, a little cinnamon and a few chia seeds. The Bone Broth Protein (while good for me) did not fill me up and keep me going throughout the morning.

What’s in Shakeology that makes is so nutritious?

  • protein and amino acids ~ builds lean muscles and reduces cravings*
  • antioxidants and super-fruits ~ help to fight free radicals*
  • phytonutruients and super-greens ~ helps support health and vitality*
  • prebiotics and probiotics ~ supports digestive health + fiber*
  • digestive enzymes ~ helps support nutrient absorption + healthy digestion*
  • adaptogen herbs ~ helps respond to the effects of stress*

I’ve decided to continue with Shakeology and continue being a coach. I believe in their products and have seen results. I’d love to help you on your journey of fitness. If you’re interested in the next challenge group please let me know in the comments.

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This group starts April 3rd and is just in time for getting fit for summer.

On another note…I’m excited about this:

This weekend I was working hard. I was writing and prepping for something I’ve always wanted to do. You see I have had this little blog for about 3+ years. One goal I’ve had is write a few short devotionals and send them out via email to my subscribers who are interested. Well, I decided to be BRAVE and fulfill one of my longtime goals. I’m still in the midst of finishing up the last few days and it has been delightful to put into words what I believe. So if you’re interested in receiving a short devotional in your inbox I need your email address. Leave me a comment or complete the form below and I’ll add you. It all starts on April 1 and finishes on April 10. Would love to have you on board!

This is starting on April 1st. 10 days of a short devotional study sent to your inbox. This is something I've always wanted to do and 2017 I've decided to pursue goals and be brave. Are you interested? DM your email address and I'll include you.  #brave #bibledaily #theword #goals #2017.



Have a happy & FIT day!

~Carrie xoxo

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  • Heck yeah girl! Sign me up!
  • I could use some extra motivation.
    • Do you want to join the workout group or get the devotionals?
  • I like the idea of shakes but struggle to drink them in the morning because I'm also drinking coffee. Too many beverages! Haha.
    • Yes, it's always coffee first!
  • I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast to start my day. I really liked Shakeology when I did the 3 day refresh!