Fitness Focus Tips for Traveling


If you read my post yesterday then you know that I met up with some blogging friends in Las Vegas. It was such a great time and I’m cherishing the memories of the entire experience. As wonderful as it was I realize some side effects of traveling. I know what I could have done better to take care of the well-being of my body.

What I learned and a few tips for you to remember (and me too):

  • Drink water!
    • Flying, driving and staying in hotels can dry out a body so be purposeful to keep track of your water consumption.
    • Don’t reduce your intake of water.
    • Plan to have bottled water in your hotel to grab as come and go.
  • Get Rest!
    • Yes, staying up to enjoy the sites and people are important but not getting enough sleep can also reduce your ability to enjoy the trip.
    • Schedule some downtime to relax especially before going to bed in the evening.
  • Exercise!
    • Does that sound crazy? It’s not! Walking can typically be incorporated into most vacations and trips.
    • Utilize the exercise facility found in most hotels.
    • It is free to do push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, etc. in your hotel room! {just sayin’}
  • Eat…Yes Eat!
    • Well, take that as you will. Eat it all and enjoy.
    • Or think and plan on where you will splurge and where you won’t.
  • Be Prepared
    • This can mean so many things and cover many areas.
    • Some examples are:
      • bring oils/meds for upset tummy
      • something to combat allergies
      • coffee sweetner (Stevia)
      • protein bars/drinks

What I learned from my trip to Las Vegas:

  • It would have been wise to bring my essential oils.
  • Drinking more water would have helped during the trip but also when I returned home and struggled to drink that gallon per day.
  • Packing workout clothes would have been wise.
  • A few protein bars or nuts would have been a good idea to have in my purse.

Even though I didn’t really exercise while in Vegas, I did do some walking around and I found it was doable to do push-ups in the hotel room {even in a dress + with friends}!

Friend do push-ups with friends in a hotel in a dress. These are my precious friends!

  • Great tips Carrie! Sorry I missed the pushups sesh. Where was I??
  • bahhaha- I even randomly did 40 pushups yesterday, because of you. Today I will aim for 60.
  • Susan {ofeverymoment}
    I'm sharing this post Carrie, because these are all wonderful travel suggestions. I am in awe of your gallon/day of water consumption (I really fail at hydration most days!) and love the push-up pics!
  • Christy
    I've started always packing a workout outfit and runners in my suitcase. If I have them I am more likely to use them. With that being said, I've never once packed them to go to Vegas. lol
  • Ahh....push ups in the hotel room. Such a fun memory! Great tips here friend!
  • jess
    Ha, nice! Love the push-ups! These are great tips for traveling. I'm not entirely a fan of flying, so I do have a glass of wine on the plane, but also hydrate often. I also like to walk around and explore areas. Have a great weekend, Carrie Jessxx
  • I didn't know that you use essential oils too?? Anyways, these are great tips and! I typically let myself indulge food-wise on trips but that doesn't mean I have to let everything else fall by the wayside!
  • hehe, apparently I need to work on my form :) All great tips...I packed my workout clothes but decided that sleep was better :)
  • I wondered if you gals hit the hotel gym or pool while you were in Vegas. I saw that Alison packed a bathing suit. I get so out of whack every time I go out of town. I absolutely need to remember to drink my water and to move...beyond taking a fork from my plate to my mouth. Can't believe you gals doing push-ups. I better start practicing now for Toronto.