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Happy Friday, friend! Today is another installment of Lifestyle Sistas. This week we are sharing a little bit about fitness. I would say for most of my adult life I didn’t think much of exercising but within the last few years it has become something I truly enjoy. Through exercise, I have learned to really challenge myself and set goals to force myself to accomplish what I never thought I could. Not only do I feel better but I am more confident because I am becoming more adventurous and taking more risks. Yep, that’s what exercise has done for me.

I have found there are all sorts of ways to get your sweat on. I do like variety and the challenge that variety brings to the workout. Today, I’m going to share just a few ways in which the hubs and I try to stay fit.

Here’s some ideas:

I have found this website, 30 Day Fitness Challenges to be awesome for a daily exercise tracker. I have the app on my phone and it reminds of my routine every day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as faithful lately as I would like to be or have been in the past, but it is still a fantastic little resource.

Some people don’t really like gyms and I totally get that and thankfully there are other ways to work out. There are lots of things that can be done at home or in the park. Here’s a few things we do outside:

Jumping Rope is a great cardio exercise


Push ups
Push ups will give your chest and arms strength

Sometimes the backyard is the gym for a circuit routine. Honestly, I really like be able to do some exercise outside.

flipping a tractor tire - core & leg strength
Flipping a tractor tire – core & leg strength

Truth be told: This is my ultimate favorite exercise. The first time I tried it, it totally kicked my butt. I was in bed by 9:00 pm.


medicine ball for core strength
Medicine balls for core strength


medicine balls (different weights)
Medicine balls (different weights)


sitting pull-ups
Sitting pull-ups {yes, that’s the backyard – thanks to the hubby}

We do go to the gym and lift weights and sometimes to the local rec center for various classes. Classes at the rec center are typically inexpensive and I have found their instructors are much better trained than any at our gyms in town.

Here’s my favorite type of work out classes.

One thing I like to do is set goals for myself. Last year it was to run a 10K. Since I was working out on a regular basis, but not really running so I just hoped to finish the race. Actually, the hubs and I ran the entire race and ended with a fairly good times. Who knew? I never thought I could do it! Another goal I had for myself was to learn to do pull-ups. With my hubs coaching I learned to do inverted pull-ups. I set a goal to do 100 in reps of 10 before my 50th birthday. I was able to do that as well. Please know I’m not sharing this to boast, but rather encourage you. I NEVER thought I would be able to do some of the things I have done. I always started small and started goals.

Here’s a picture from race day. Prior to running this 6.2 miles, my longest run was 1 mile on the treadmill. I’m tell you, you can do this, people!! Oh, and those were my big muscles, which I don’t really have anymore…I mean I have muscles but they are smaller. 2015 goal – get muscles again, run another race or athletic competition.

I know I shared in this post about challenging yourself and setting goals but to be really honest with you I definitely struggle with having the courage to step out into a challenge. Exercising has helped me be more bold and take more risks but that is because my sweet hubby is there to encourage me. Every time I’m afraid of failing or getting hurt, he assures I will be ok. So, please know if starting to exercise or starting something new is scary for you…well, I totally get that.

I shared all of that to say that almost everything I have been reading or listening to lately has been about taking risk and being bold. I’ve been reading this (Let’s All Be Brave) book, with an online book club (in)courage which has been kicking my butt because I’m not really brave at all (it has been a good butt kicking, I might add). Plus, I signed up for another book club and I received the book in the mail today. Love, Skip, Jump is about to challenge me so more. Guess what it’s about? Here’s what the flyer that came with it said, “I’m not afraid of failing at anything, but I am afraid of succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.” Second butt kicking will commence immediately. What does this paragraph have to do with exercise? Well, working out has given me not just physical strength but other strength to begin to take some risks.

Here’s what I try to remember, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 I am not alone!

What about you? Have you begun to think about setting any goals for 2015? What about taking a risk? The first step is the hardest!

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  • Deena Simair
    You are ripped. I'm jealous of your warm weather and being able to workout outside whenever you want.
    • I was ripped but I have lost lots of muscle lately. Some of the pics are from this past summer but the ones in yard were taken on Monday. On Tuesday our temps were 30 degrees colder. Not exercising outside right now. But it's Texas so the weather could be hot by the end of next never knows.
  • I love love love your motivation and your super fit arms! Oh and your ability to do pullups... I can't do 1!
    • Truth be told - when I started pull-ups, I couldn't do one either. It took me months upon months to build that strength. Right now, I can barely do 20 on a good day. I used to do more than that every day. We could challenge each other in this after the first of the year if you want to. no pressure!
  • Wow, you look sensational. I feel like I have really lost all of the muscle and strength I once had just since I slipped into menopause. No bueno. Trying to get back to tracking my WW points and a regular exercise routine. I may put your picture on my frig!!!
    • Leslie! You can do this friend! I too have been through menopause which means it is even more important for us to build strength and take care of our bones. And really I never even thought of exercising for years but now I know I need it. My problem - I'm always stiff....always stiff. I'm planning to try some yoga soon and I hope that will give me some flexibility.
  • I knew you'd have great tips because you look amazing! I'm also reading Let's All Be Brave - and I really need it. Have a great weekend!
    • Thanks, Lana! I just finished that book and really did challenge me. In so many ways, I need to step out of my comfort zone and perceived security and help others unselfishly.
  • I could tell you exercise a lot, just the way a woman look you can tell if she exercise or not!!! Thank you for inspiring all of us!!!
    • Thank you! I always want to be encouraging to others!