Summer Time Fun ~ TBB Asks

Happy Monday! I’m excited to be linking up today with my friends at The Blended Blog! This is a blog hop so you are probably stopping by from Nicole’s blog, Nick & Nicole + 4. If this is your first time here, welcome new friends! I haven’t been blogging as much as I have been in the past but I plan to be doing more of it in the near future. Hope you’ll become a regular reader!

You’ll find out a little more about me today…through my answers to TBB Asks.

The Blended Blog Asks- August 7th

1. Pool, lake or ocean?

I like them all but my total favorite is the ocean! I’ll go to the beach any day!

2. Camping, cottage or hotel?

I’m not much of camper but I really like hotels!

3. Favorite ice cream flavor?

I’m a chocolate and coffee lover. Mix those together or by themselves and I’m sold 100%.

4. PJ’s, Nightgown, T-shirt/Shorts or Birthday Suit?

I just want to be comfortable when I go to bed, so that is typically some kind of shorts and tank top.

5. Fave Summer Beverage?

My favorite summer beverage would probably be lemonade or limeade. Thirst-quencher for sure!

6. Would you rather be hot or cold?

I’ll take being hot…I mean I live in Texas!

7. Sandals with heels or flats?

If I’m not at work I want my sandals to be flats but at the office I definitely need a little height for this 5’2″ frame!

8. Shorts or Skirt?

Give me shorts (workout wear preferred).

9. Sit in the sun or shade?

That depends what time of day and where. Where water is involved = sun. No water = shade. It’s hot down here in Texas in the summer, friends!

10. Water, tea or soda?

I’m grabbing for the water on daily basis. It’s my go-to drink.

11. Fave summer fruit, vegetable?

Fave summer fruit has been strawberries for as long as I can remember. Fave summer vegetable is green beans out of the garden.

12. Sunrise or sunset?

Mostly like sunrise because it’s what I see on my way to work in the mornings.

13. Bike ride or walk?

Sad but true…I don’t own a bike so I guess it’s walking for me.

14. Winery or brewery?

I’ve never been to either. A local winery is on my list though.

15. Garden or no garden?

We have had one in the past but not this year due to moving.

16. Big summer concert or music in the park?

Definitely music in the park!

17. Fave cookout food?

Smokey baked potatoes or grilled corn on the cob…carb lover!

18. Dine indoor or patio?

Love eating outside on a patio!

19. Fave summer destination?

The beach of course!

20. Big theme park or local carnival?

Local carnival where I mingle with friends.

21. Drinks blended or on the rocks?


22. Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice?

Freezie flavor or choice

23. Hot dog or hamburger?

Hamburger…sliders are my fave!

And there you have it friends, a little bit about me! Don’t forget to stop by and visit the other sweet ladies from The Blended Blog and find out more about them.

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Have the best day!

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    LOVE lil sliders. This was so fun, learning more about your summertime favs!!! Fresh green beans are the best, I just made some yesterday and I have strawberries every morning. LOVE them and love you!! Happy Monday babe!!
    • I'm missing the garden right about now for sure! I just love the green beans freshly picked!
  • Fresh strawberries are my favorite, too. I just wish the growing season (locally) was longer. Lisa Daily Style Finds
    • Agreed! I so miss them straight out of my grandma's garden.
  • coffee and chocolate is my fave combo too!
  • oh fresh strawberries how I love thee, I can't get enough of them. Sliders are so fun, but now that I"m all carb conscious, I'm like too many carbs, haha! But carbs are so good!
    • The carb cravings are so hard to kick. I've done it before but I have to focus to get my brain wrapped around it.
  • I LOVE fresh strawberries, so so good!! these posts always make me hungry lol mmm sliders
  • Yes to carbs! (although I don't eat them much anymore but I still love them.) I love coffee and chocolate together! Forgot about that option! Now I'm craving coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks.
  • Someday we'll sit on the beach together with a blended drink!
  • This was really fun to read! I also love all things chocolate and coffee--together is heavenly. And strawberries are heavenly in the summertime--they're definitely one of my favorites (along with peaches and cherries).