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Okay, ya’ll, why do I have virtually no pink in my wardrobe? Why did I take the best pink sweater to Clothes Mentor…and of course, they bought that one? Is this craziness? I have no idea why pink is almost absent in my wardrobe. I have no idea. You know what else? I have very little red as well. What? I love red and people always tell me it’s a great color on me. Makes no sense. Do you have these colors in your wardrobe? Have you ever mixed them together?

I had not mixed red and pink until a few years ago I saw bloggers doing it and I really liked it. Amazed that the colors went together and amazed that I liked it. Here’s my look from 2015 mixing red and pink.


Sadly, the red sweater wound up with a hole in it and I decided the blouse was just too large. Both are no longer in my closet but the skirt is still there! I decided to use it as the base for the look today because as I mentioned, pink is very limited in my closet.

pink & red

pink skirt

I decided to go a little more subtle on red this time and have it more as an accent in the scarf. This is a great way to experiment with colors that have strong personalities {like the look from 2015}. Sometimes a bright and bold look isn’t what I’m feeling because it draws more attention to me. At times that’s perfectly fine and others times maybe not. This look would fit and flow with me and my introverted self any day.

pink & red

skirt & scarf

The first look I put together for this prompt just didn’t materialize like I had hoped. One of those looks that was good in my head but not once I put it on. But I did have a little visitor while my sweet hubby was snapping the pictures. Thought I would leave you with a few moments of time during a photo shoot. Meet Charlie, our cat that we dearly love after rescuing him from being neglected and abandoned.


Friends, we love your posts! Feel free to link up them up here and mingle, mingle, mingle!

abeautifulmelangeHave the most BEAUTIFUL day GORGEOUS friends!

~Carrie xoxox




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  • Love the skirt! A perfect match for SS17 Pantones Pink Yarrow! Thank you for hosting Carrie,I hope you can join my link upon thursday x

    • Thank you, sweet landy! I need to head over and see the Pantone colors now.

  • Jodie Filogomo

    I think this turned out great Carrie!!
    And your kitty is a doll—how much does he weight—he looks bigger than our former Maine Coon who weighed almost 18 pounds!!

    • Hi Jodie! I asked me husband how much he thought Charlie weighed. He thought about 20 lbs. He’s big for sure and long!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Such Pink Perfection in every way!! And Charlie is precious and has the BEST fur mama!! Sweet love!

    • Thank you, sweet lady!

  • Looking wonderful!!

  • Pink is my favorite, yet somehow I end up with a lot of black, gray and navy. I love that pink skirt. Alone it makes a statement so the white sweater, nude heels and a touch of other colors really works well and makes you still look classy. Win!

    • Thank you so much. And like you much of my wardrobe is black, gray and navy.

  • I love a pretty pink and red mix and your look from last year is just adorable. I enjoyed seeing more subtle approach to red and pink, as well. I do have tons of red in my closet, but very little pink, so you aren’t alone there. I loved the photos with your new cat – so sweet! And he is Huge!

    • Thank you, Jennie! Red is a great color on you and you do style it so very well. I’ve got to be make a better effort to wear colors that are my better one instead of always going for black and grey.

  • Lori

    I love this year’s look!!

    • Thank you, Lori! I have to say, it’s me!

  • I love love love the pictures with Charlie! And I really like the way you mixed the colors this year. I have almost the exact same scarf. I should have used it instead of cheating on the prompt today!

    • I knew you would love to see him! I don’t think you cheated and I loved your look!

  • A

    Hi dear friend.. LOVE this pink combo and my heart just melted seeing the pictures of you with your four-legged kiddo!!! hUGS!! xo

    • A

      (This is Andi)

      • You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for stopping by. We love our Charlie!

  • Love the whole look, great for Valentine’s day!
    Have a great week gorgeous :)

    xo, Yasmin ca

    • Thank you, sweetheart!

  • I love pink and red together. You definitely need more pink in your life – one of my favorite colors to wear! Love this pretty, feminine outfit.

    • I agree! I’m going to work on doing just that! You always look great in pink!

  • Love that scarf with that skirt, so darn cute!

  • I love pink and red together but also would have never mixed them until a few years ago… I like the skirt with the white sweater and the beautiful scarf.

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thank you, Andrea! I know that is the look I would wear more often than the red and pink that is so bright.

  • How pretty Carrie, and I love the scarf on you! I might have to try this styling of pink and red, your skirt is darling. And of course I love the kitty pictures.
    thanks for linking with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  • Justine Y

    I love the scarf with that outfit, looks great! Thanks for linking up with A Year of Color!

  • Your scarf is so pretty! Thank you so much for linking up your post this month! XOXO