My Favorite Summer Attire

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t done a style post in a LONG time. The reason for that is I’ve been bored with my summer office looks and I’ve been living in workout wear outside of the office.

Ever wonder what I wear when I’m getting my sweat on? Well, wonder no longer because today is all about the sweaty selfie. Okay, not all about the sweaty selfie. I do have a few outfit selfies in this post as well.

The summer of workout wear mostly started here. The day of the epic move when we moved ourselves with all of our possessions in one day. Physical labor kicked my butt! But once I recovered I set out on a quest to get back into better shape. Hence the summer of workout wear!


Running the Show in this sweaty selfie!


Periwinkle makes an early morning workout better!


Early morning, messy hair and sweaty face. What a way to start the day!


Sometimes on a Saturday, I workout so I don’t take a nap. #iamtellingthetruth


Funky patterns help keep the motivation flowing!


Of course, camo is always better. It’s kinda like a cookie in my book…I’ve never met camo I didn’t like nor a cookie I didn’t like.


You’ll find grey in every aspect of my wardrobe!


Not always a fan of pink but who cares when it’s dark outside?!


Well, that’s about it with those looks. How about a few that I wore to the office?




Sometimes I just have to take a selfie when I’m sitting at my desk. No particular reason…


I haven’t worn this one to work yet but I did wear it to church last Sunday.


Well, that’s my quick stroll down the summer attire looks. Hope to be back soon with fall looks! #iamsoready!

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~Carrie xoxo






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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    I love that you look adorable no matter what! In your workout gear or in your pretty work attire, you are one hot mama! I love your style.
    • You are the best, dear one! Thank you for your sweet words!
  • Seeing you and your muscles always inspires me!
    • Truthfully, I have lost a bunch of my muscles but it is a cycle. Hopefully, I'll get them back!
  • How fun Carrie!! It's impressive how you have makeup on when you work out. Either I'm too lazy to put it on, or it's off by the end of the day!! XOOX Jodie
    • Well, in the morning it's definitely no makeup but if I workout when I'm home from the office the makeup comes off after exercise...usually running down my face. LOL
  • You look gorgeous even when you're working out!
    • You are too kind! Thank you!
  • I have that same periwinkle top! ON?
    • Yep...on sale of course. :)
  • Nicole Mölders
    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love your gray skirt!
  • I am impressed you have gotten so many workouts in! Loving all your work looks too! Amy Ann Straight A Style
    • Thank you, Amy! I was surprised too! :)