Friday Five: Gift Subscriptions

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TGIF, friends! How is your Christmas shopping going? I’ve been thinking about how great a gift subscription would fun to give to someone. How fun to get a little something in the mail each month for an entire year or even for a few months after the holidays are over. I thought it would be fun to share a few today.

1. Birchbox ~ I subscribed to this one for awhile and did enjoy it. One of the things that I loved besides the products were the cute little boxes. I used them to give gifts throughout the year. They are just too pretty not to reuse. The subscription is just $10 per month!

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2. Ipsy ~ Ipsy is another cosmetic bag subscription. One of the cool things about Ipsy is the products come in little make-up bag. These are perfect for travel or for your purse. I’ve subscribed to Ipsy before as well. I enjoyed it and if I re-scribe I’m planning to use the cosmetic bags to give little gifts to friends throughout the year.

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3. Page Habit ~ This is the perfect gift subscription for the book worm that you love. Just look at the goodness inside these boxes. It’s not your $10 per month subscription though. It’s more like $30 but it would be a sweet thing to send for a few months. You can pick the genre, which is perfect for someone who has a particular area that enjoy reading in most of the time.

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4. SweatStyle ~ Workout clothes. Do you struggle to find pieces you love and actually want to purchase? I do and then add to the fact that I want to wear them out and about while running errands. When I stumbled upon SweatStyle I fell in love. I thought it would be a great gift to give to a workout friend.

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5. UrthBox ~ I know we tend to have busy lifestyles these days. Wouldn’t a box of healthy and good for you snacks be great showing up in your mailbox or a friend’s mailbox? Toss it in the car and you’re ready to go. Who knows a friend or young mama that would benefit from something like this? I sure do.

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There are tons of box subscriptions out there. Need more ideas? Go here and find some!

Y’all have a great weekend!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Fabulous ideas!!! Wishing you a festive and joyous weekend my gorgeous friend!
  • shootingstarsmag
    Nice ideas! I love subscription boxes so it would be fun to get one for a few months as a gift. Christmas a couple years ago I got three months of Ipsy for my sister, which she enjoyed. -Lauren
  • I have never hear of some of these, such a great idea to give someone a subscription! Especially when you can pay for a year up front for them.
  • I love the idea of subscription boxes but can never decide which ones I like more over others. And, many of those boxes don’t ship to Canada so that’s a big disappointment in many instances. Have a great weekend hun. :)
  • I love this list because it has a few I've never heard of before! But uh oh, now I totally want that Page Habit box for myself!! What a fun one!
  • Oh these are lovely gift ideas! I asked for a subscription box for my Christmas so I hope I get it! :) I also ordered a trial one for the boys and now I kinda want to buy more of them, haha! I might sign up for it! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. After a crazy week I managed to wrap some presents which is good, although (as always!) I've run out of tape! Away From The Blue Blog
  • I have never thought of one of these for a cmas gift.....brilliant!!!
  • I love the idea of getting subscription boxes... I had Book-of-the-Month Club on my Christmas list, but now I want to add that PageHabit one too, for sure! These are all some fun ideas that I didn't know about, aside from Birchbox.
  • What a great idea! I'm going to keep this in mind for next year.
  • It's so amazing how many great subscription boxes are available!
  • Lisa Richardson
    I do love getting little boxes like these. I did Sephora Play for a few months and then quit. I want to try Ipsy. Maybe I'll do that next year. Thanks for sharing