Friday Five: Sick Season Helps

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I could not be more relieved to say TGIF! So thankful for Friday!

This week was wicked. The flu is no joke…no, it’s not even a laugh. It is coughable though and I’ve hacked a bunch over the last 5+ days. So, Monday morning I was in one of those stand-alone ER’s because there was no room at the inn or rather the clinic. Urgent care opened too late for this little ole early bird and who has time to wait 4+ hours when you are practically dehydrated? The best option, therefore, was the ER. Hindsight on this was and is 20/20. These people were amazing and ran all big tests like strep, flu, chest x-ray to cover all the bases of what’s out there right now. They pumped me full of two IV’s and gave me the Type A diagnosis and a script for Tamiflu and something for nausea. Sent me home and I went to bed and had weird dreams but awoke to the cooling and soothing taste of lime popsicles.

All that greatness and you understand why I’m ready to be saying TGIF. I went back to work Thursday and missed my trip to Seattle to meet up with these blogger friends. {Deena, Lana, Sarah and Abbie} Did I mention TGIF?

Negative to a positive: How about a few little things that help me when I’m sick or trying to avoid it. Granted it didn’t help me avoid the flu but I believe these things help me to avoid lots of other little bugs running around out there.


A diffuser and essential oils are my first line of defense when it comes to the sick season. I recently had to invest in a new diffuser because ours was just, well yucky. This is the one I found on Amazon and love it. My favorite oils of choice are Thieves from Young Living and Healing Solutions First Aid Oils which I also purchased from Amazon.


Umcka ~ My dad shared this stuff with me years ago and it’s another staple in our cabinet. Feeling something coming on? Get some of this in ya for sure. It comes in liquid form and pills. It’s for colds and flu or both. Where to buy? Amazon or a natual grocery store are your best options.


Sambucus ~ My mom is the one who started me on this stuff to help shorten the duration of a cold. Our family has been taking this stuff for years and it works. You can find it and other similar products at a natural grocery store or of course on Amazon.


Is it weird that I found out about Boiron at a blogging conference in Las Vegas? Well, that’s where these little guys entered my life. Another more natural remedy I reach for when the crude comes calling. Yes, Oscillococcinum can be found on Amazon or Target.

Boiron Oscillococcinum, for Flu-like Symptoms, 12 Count/0.04 Oz each


When I’m really under the weather I’m not much into food. Maybe a few saltine crackers or a little chicken soup and maybe a teeny can of Sprite. That was before the flu. Now it’s all about the popsicles. When my husband went to pick up my Tamiflu and I asked for lime popsicles, he did not disappoint. He searched high and low at Target and found these. Oh, the yum!! Yes, they are available on Amazon too! Not sure how the shipping works on that because I’m sticking to Target for my new addiction. These come in a kid version too which is what he brought home to me. Let me say that all flavors are delicious and not just the lime.

Outshine, Variety Pack Fruit Bars (Strawberry, Lime, Raspberry), 12 bars, 18 FL OZ (Frozen)

That’s the sick season wrap, friends! Stay well and have a great weekend! Hope to see you back on Monday.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • Oh we both are sick in bed now!
  • I'm so sorry you've been sick! I had a killer cold earlier this the point where I took my temperature to see if it was the flu. Justin has it now and I'm hoping he doesn't give it right back to me. Haha. But I do love my Thieves oil and those popsicles! Although I've never tried the lime kind before.
  • I take that elderberry syrup every night from October to April... keep that immune system built up
  • Laura
    I am so sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you are on the mend soon! The flu is so scary this year! These are great suggestions! I love those popsicles and my diffuser! I need to try your others!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Oh Carrie! Wish I could come bring you some chicken soup. So sorry you were so sick. Hope this weekend brings you rest and comfort!
  • Oh wow, sounds like you were hit hard! I hope you’re feeling much better than you have been. xo Cheers to a good week ahead!
  • I hope you're feeling better and will be back to yourself soon. I purchased a diffuser recently, and I love it. I'll have to try the popsicles. Take care of yourself, and thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.