My Twinning Heart Friend

Friday is all about favorites in the blogging world. In the past, I’ve written a series called Whatever is Lovely and Faves on Friday. I think it is super fun to highlight five favorites from the week of post and pins. The Blended Blog has a great Friday series called Friday Loves that I have written for a few times. Well, since I haven’t been writing about my favorites lately, I thought I would get back at it. It’s always been one of post I most look forward to writing.

Today I’m doing a little spin on Friday Favorites. I thought I would share about a favorite person, a favorite friend in my life. Actually, I refer to her affectionately as my Twinning Heart Friend {#twinningheart}. Lauren is one of people in my life that I can just be real and brutally honest with when I’m sharing my heart. She has been there in my darkest moments. The ones where you sit on the couch and cry because you don’t know what else to do. Then you discover that she’s crying with you. She feels your pain, carries your pain and expresses your pain. She does the same with joy. I mean we aren’t always Debbie Downers. Introverts, yes but downers never!

So this past Monday we hung out at Starbucks and chatted about life and what was ruminating in our hearts while sipping coffee and tea. We talked about how we met and what drew us together in the beginning. It was a passion for soldiers and serving them. She was single in those days when we watched Army Wives while munching on popcorn and guzzling Pepsi. She dreamed of marrying a soldier and she did. We both are married to Airborne guys!

We helped launch a MilitaryLife ministry together. We studied Biblical Counseling together and attending seminary at the same time. Graduation Day was more special because she was there! Our lives have intersected in so many ways. But the fact that our hearts beat for the same struggles and same passions is unbelievable. The reason it is so amazing is because Lauren is 32 and I’m 54. I could be her mom! Age difference makes no difference for us or to us. We are drawn together by the Lord.

I thought it would be fun to take you down a trip down memory lane with my #twinningheart friend.

Lauren & Carrie USO BanquetLauren was my “date” to the USO Banquet when I was a volunteer. Dale was on a deployment.

Building a FloatLauren was nominated to be in charge of building a float for the Christmas Parade to help the local VVA 920 Chapter.

VVA DinnerWe had a lot of dinners with the VVA 920 guys. This one was after the Christmas parade.

Meeting the SoldierAt DFW Airport to greet the soldier who was able to come home for Christmas.

Discipleship RetreatWe both went through the same discipleship program at a local church but different years. Hanging out at the reunion. Renit is on the right. She lived with Dale and I for several years. She’s like a second daughter.

random visitRandom visit at our house to catch up. What? We even dress alike!

DSC_1216Comparing our new rings!

B-day partyOne of the best birthdays ever with these peeps at the house for dinner.

graduationGraduation Day from Dallas Theological Seminary – May 2015

wedding dayWedding Day – May 2015

11059598_739232622865657_2164075239033995568_oWedding Day – Friends of the Bride

Labor Day 2017 #twinningheart #blessed

I am blessed beyond measure that this one has been in my life since 2010. Lauren’s friendship is evidence of God’s love to me. #blessed

~Carrie xoxo

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    I have no doubt Lauren is as beautiful inside too as you are! What a dear dear friendship to treasure!
  • Carrie, this is a beautiful post. I did tear up a bit reading about all of your connections and your obvious love and care for one another. Friends like this come along a few times in our lives and so cherish them we must. You are both so fortunate to have found each other. Thank you for introducing us to Lauren and sharing your touching friendship story. Shelbee
    • Thank you, Shelbee! I appreciate your comment and input. I hope you're having a great week!
  • Hearts all over! Love this!