what’s saving my life right now?

what's saving

That’s a real strong title, right? Yep, I have to confess that it did not come from me but from one of my favorite bloggers, Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy. Love her blog and when I read one of her posts last week entitled, What’s saving your life right now? I was completely intrigued. She wrote about the difficulty that comes with winter. Short days, cold, not as much sun, etc. can be trying a person. I have to completely agree because I’m a warm weather and blue sunny skies kind of girl.

She invited her readers to post on February 2nd, which is the half-way point of the winter season and answer the question mentioned above. Truthfully, the question is not her own creation but one attributed to a woman who was given that title when invited to speak at an event.

So what is giving you life right now in the midst of winter? As Anne wrote how easy it is to think about those things that concern or worry us but not what is giving life. As I asked myself I came up with the following:


  • grace ~ or at least the pursuit of it
  • food ~ working to avoid wheat and dairy that zap my life and create havoc on my digestive system
  • reading ~ God’s Word is giving me life when I take the time to read it
  • lindsay ~ my daughter via text messages and phone calls I am gaining so much insight into her heart and thoughts which makes me love her more
  • exercise ~ challenging my body in the wee hours of the morning is giving me strength and focus during the dull days of winter
  • shopping ~ not doing it is giving me time to spend on other things
  • coffee ~ my source of comfort
  • co-workers ~ they create joy and laughter in eight hours that make it a pleasure to actually work
  • reading ~ books always seem to give me life or add to my the richness of my life

So what is giving you life these days? I would love to hear your answer to that question.

Know what else? I want to share some things that have helped give me life during the month of January. I read three books:

  • The Go-Givers
  • Present over Perfect
  • Grace Over Perfection
  • Discover Your Type of Beauty {didn’t finish}

Since books help enrich my life, I want to pay that forward. I am willing to give away Present over Perfect, Grace Over Perfection and Discover Your Type of Beauty. I will send one book per person {first come first serve on this}. I’ll mail the book to you and I ask you to do the same when you finish. Please pay it forward. Let’s help promote kindness by being generous and bless another.


Please complete this form with your contact information  {mailing address and book choice}. I’ll let you know how the details come together for the winners.

Have the BEST day!

Carrie ~ xoxxo







  • I love that we're so connected these days. So many of yours are what is saving me these days. I would totally agree with these: food, reading, shopping and coffee. Oh, and my friendship with you :)
    • We are so super connected. Cannot wait to see you face to face again in May!