Working Out in Small Spaces

Have I told you that we sold our home last August? Well, we did. It wasn’t a big home and by most standards just a starter home with less than 1400 square feet. Through that sale we willingly downsized and moved into a town home with 842 square feet. Living in a small space has its ups and downs. Not living in a home of your own has its ups and downs as well. It has been an experience that is for sure!

One of the challenges of a small space is of course the lack of space. You have the things or keep the things you love and let go of the rest. That part doesn’t really bother me but what does make it hard is not having a space to myself.

In our previous home my husband and I each had our spaces or offices. We have none of that in our current place. We are even sharing one little closet which can get hectic each morning but we have learned to cope with it.

One of the things that I did in my own space in our previous home was work out. I’ve had to learn to be creative and adapt to my existing space. You might be surprised to know that is actually our foyer.


Yep, that is just a part of my little space. Here’s a little more of what it looks like. This little desk doubles as a vanity where I sit to do my makeup and hair every morning.


My little space from another view. Small, right? Yep, it is but I’ve been amazed at all I can get accomplished in this little space.


I can do push-ups. Autumn calls these the renegade row.

push ups

I can easily do lunges with weights.


And side lunges with weights.


And lots of jumping!


Is is possible to be fit when only having a small space to work out? Absolutely! Need some help getting started and figuring it out? Well, I’m your girl. I would love to help you. Just leave me a comment!

Have a fit and fun day!

Carrie ~ xoxox

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  • Love that you make your space work for you! When we lived with my parents, while we built our home I had to workout in the kitchen! Brooke Pumps and Push-Ups
  • Yup- you make it seeing were you manage to get so ripped!
  • Dang, those arms! You're amazing! I have a tiny little area where I workout at my apartment but I feel bad about making so much noise because I'm on the top floor.
  • Love that you make it work for you. I workout in Mr.'s office and have to watch my head when I do skaters, hit my head on the couch in front of me, haha.
  • Wow! Good for you! You could be IKEA's poster child for multi-use spaces! :)
  • That's awesome that you made it work! I was just trying to figure out how I was going to do my workout today, as I'm visiting my parents and their home doesn't have a ton of space to do a workout in. ~Lindsey
  • You are so creative and I enjoyed your positive outlook on the situation. Realistically people have to live in smaller spaces but creativity and an open mindset can help you find work around a. Great post.