Whatever is Lovely #3 featuring A No Spending Challenge

Money. It’s a part of life. It can be a headache to think about in January if the push to shop and overextend your budget for Christmas just seemed to happen. Then you wake up and get back into the groove of the real world and there is an “oh, no!” moment. I can’t say that has never happened to me but for many years now that has not been the case {thankfully}!

But that doesn’t mean that finances and budgeting never need a little kick in the pants or shot in the arm to be revitalized. We like to give our finances a shot in the arm right about now. So January is the month that we have tested out a “no spending month” in the past. I was inspired to try this a couple of years ago after reading a post by Ruth at Living Well Spending Less. The post was entitled 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero {here}. About that same time I was reading the book More or Less by Jeff Shinabarger. I felt challenged to try something different and what seemed a little out of the box to me. My husband and I discussed it and jumped on it. Thus began our first “no spending month.”

For us, we modified and combined ideas from the blog post and the book. Basically, we decided to no spending on extra stuff, which means we paid our bills, put gas in our vehicles, ate from the CSA + a few groceries. That’s about it. No Starbucks, no eating out, no movies, no shopping {me}, no Home Depot {him}, etc. Nothing – pay our bills and eat at home. We loved it! It was a sweet time to pull back and start the year with peaceful un-consumerism. Guess what? We are doing it again, right now. Guess what? We still love it! I love that we are being intentional to slow down and be grateful for what we have instead of what we don’t. It’s a good challenge. You might want to try it or something similar that fits your lifestyle and purpose.

Money is something we all deal with everyday and some of us are better at saving while others are better at spending. I think the economy needs a little of both but I don’t know…I never really liked economic classes.

Anyway, just thought I would pass along some things I found interesting and helpful in the area of finances.

Mint is money manager, bill paying, let me help you be good with your money gig. I’ve been looking into it and researching it. I might just try it. My bill payment through my bank is not really user friendly. I think an all-in-one easy to use, let us help you manager your dollars and pay your bills is a win-win.

If you need to pay off some debt then Upstart might be a good option for you. They have a simple and modern approach to help you get your debt paid off quickly. If credit cards, student loans, etc. are debts that you need to get paid off, then Upstart might be an option for you.

Hope these ideas have inspired you to think about money and the place it has your life. We all have to deal with finances but most of need just a little help along the road.

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    yes!! Great tips!! I have a no spending for January but I did blow it once on a Coat that was adorable and 75% off, that's how I justified it but no more, in fact I cancelled a shopping trip today so I could hold steadfast!! Happy weekend my gorgeous friend!!
    • Good for you sweet lady!! I love a good challenge and this one a good one for sure. Hope you weekend is wonderful, my friend!
  • I'm definitely going to look into Upstart! Thanks for the tip!