Cultivating in 2016

I set out to make this a year of cultivating. Evidently, it is also becoming a year of words and words demand to be defined. So here goes…

Cultivate/Cultivating = {via Merriam-Webster}

  • to prepare and use (soil) for growing plants

  • to grow and care for (plants)

  • to grow or raise (something) under conditions that you can control

Okay, there’s plenty there regarding plants and unfortunately I’m a plant killer. Yes, I admit to being a lousy gardener but I want to try again until I get it right. We’ll see…but that’s a thought for another day. So back to today’s post idea of cultivating.

Well, I do want to apply the word/principle of cultivating to my life. I have the ability to tend to myself and produce growth in areas of my life. For me, this is like trying to live on purpose with purpose {thank you, Lara Casey for those words}. Cultivating something takes time and a plan.

Here’s a few things I’m cultivating on purpose this year and posted about:

  • Focus through words based on my faith {read the post here}
  • Goals {read the post here}
  • Reading {read the post here}
  • Learning {read the post here}

Those are just a few examples that I hope will help you to develop a lifestyle of cultivating this year! Have you decided what you want to cultivate this year?


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  • I would like to cultivate relationships: work on the ones that need a little more attention and grow the ones that are just beginning!
    • I'm going to post about friendship soon. I feel the same about how I want to cultivate them too.
  • Saxon
    "Live on purpose with purpose." I definitely need to meditate on this. Thanks for your posts, Carrie.
    • It's so true, isn't it?