Currently: December 2017


It’s completley unbelievable to me! This is the last Currently with Anne in Residence for 2017. The year is quickly coming to a close but not before we celebrate the sweetness of holidays this month. The co-host for December is Catherine of A Short Blonde and I hope you’ll stop by and visit both of their blogs.

1. Lighting ~ Well, my hubby and I went the Holiday Tree Lighting in our little city of Friday night. We didn’t light the tree but we saw it happen.


2. Spending ~ Like almost everyone I’m spending money. I did run across some great deals and I have most of my shopping done. Packages wrapped and boxed mailed! #miracle

3. Choosing ~ I’m choosing carefully what I’m eating. Last week I did a 3 Day Refresh and I feel so much better so I’m working on limiting some things {like wheat and sugar} which are so hard on my digestive system. I’m a cookie lover so this is a test to my will power during the holidays. We’ll see how it all works out.

4. Sending ~ Another #miracle is I’m actually sending Christmas cards this year. Yes, it’s true! I got ‘er done!

5. Singing ~ I’m trying to sing Christmas songs but with the temps in the 70’s and 80’s it’s been hard to visualize “dashing through the snow.” My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. A loooong time ago John Berry sang it and his version is probably my fave. But I also really like this one. Hope you will too!

 So what are you up to currently? Would love to hear from you in the comments.
Be blessed! ~ Carrie
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  • I've always wanted to go to a tree lighting, that sounds fun!! Nice job getting your Christmas cards sent and your shopping done! I'm done with cards but still have a bit more shopping left--getting close to being done though, yay! :)
    • I don't know what happened this year to get it done. I say done but I'll find some gift I want to buy for someone!
  • Man, totally forgot to do this! Darn. I was just thinking about doing a 3 day refresh, I need to do one!
    • This girl's got you covered if you want a 3 Day Refresh.
  • shootingstarsmag
    Beautiful tree! I'm trying really hard to eat as healthy as I can. I'm in a weight loss program so it can be tough to see all these yummy treats and know I'm not supposed to eat them. I "cheat" here and there though, because it's the holidays!! How can you not? But for the most part, I'm really going to try and eat well and move as much as possible!! I'm about halfway through on Christmas gifts, but I know for some people - like a friend of mine - we're gifting them in January so that we have more time! -Lauren
    • It takes work to stay focused. I know I'll have a few goodies too.
  • Yay, I love local holiday events like that. This festive season is so fun. And way to go on the cards! I'm feeling pretty good about having mine done too.
    • I'm totally not feeling stressed or overwhelmed this year! Thankfully!
  • Roseann Hampton
    I'm from the Houston area and I am loving this cooler weather we are having this week! Feels a little more festive even though we will never be "dashing through the snow" here!
    • No, I doubt Houston will be dashing through the snow but have been know to have the pretty white stuff on Christmas if you can believe it.
  • Also in the midst of celebration here in Maine. No snow yet, but we're festive inside!
    • Well, I'm sure snow is coming for sure!
  • I have a hard time resisting cookies. ;-) Yay for sending Christmas Cards! We always send New Years cards -- mostly because we can never get them out on time.
  • Lisa Richardson
    Oh Carrie! Giving up cookies at Christmas? Your stronger than I am. Sing on sweet lady! XO
  • I love this life update! It sounds like you really know how to prepare for the holidays. You definitely have a lot of discipline to be limiting sugar and wheat right before the holidays! Thank you for linking up this week! ~xo Sheree
  • Miz Helen
    Great photo of holiday joy! Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Miz Helen