Let’s Be Shop Free for 3!

Welcome to Let’s Be Shop Free for 3!

I’m stepping back a couple of days to January 1st when I revealed my word{s} for the year. Those words {simplify, satisfied and stewardship} directly play into today’s post. How so? Well, I decided that I would take a break from shopping and enjoy my Winter Seasonal Capsule. I’m embracing a simplified wardrobe while being a good steward of my money and saying yes to being satisfied with what I already own. It feels good, friends!

Have you thought about taking a break from shopping or have you ever done it for an extended period of time? I know it can be difficult because we are constantly tempted to make purchases through our daily bombardment of advertising. So if you’re interested in jumping in on this mini-no shopping from now until the end of March {or maybe longer}, then sign up below to join the Facebook group. Accountability and support makes a difficult task better wouldn’t you say? A Facebook group for encouragement might be a good alternative to shopping don’t you think? Sign up and let’s do this together. Let’s Be Shop Free for 3!

A good friend of mine, Caitlin who blogs at Greater than Rubies gave up shopping for an entire year. I encourage you to hop over to her blog and poke around. She quite fabulous!

We can do this together! Hope you’ll join in!

Have a lovely day, friends!

**A little update since the end of the three months is here.** The challenge will resume again in May for another three months of no shopping for clothing items. The Facebook is still open and if you are interested in joining, please complete the form above. Hope to see you join in for Round 2!


  • I'm not on Facebook, but I had already decided to not spend money on clothes for myself or my kids this year. We already have SO much! The exceptions are 1) replacing essentials that wear out, 2) replacing essentials that the kids outgrow, 3) souvenir tees for the kids. I've done a 6 month no spending stint before and it was surprisingly easy. It helps if you unsubscribe from retailer's emails. :)
    • Good for you Selah!! I think it's so good to focus on other things...like people rather just shopping all the time. You have a great plan set up. Thanks so much for sharing!
  • Amy Robertson-Smith
    Hi Carrie, When you say shop free for 3, i didn't see an explanation of the 3. Are you saying shop free for 3 months? Maybe it's there and I missed it. Anyway, I also follow Caitlin's blog as I found it interesting to read about her not shopping for one full year. I've also joined her 30 day thing where prompts are sent to encourage you to love your wardrobe. I've found that when I first started really following blogs, September of '15, it made me a crazy shopper....I did need to update some things here and there, but it was kind of crazy. Then i joined the "build your wardrobe basics" Get Your pretty On challenge that fall. I loved that particular challenge b/c it really did update some of my great basics. However, i should have stopped while I was ahead. I've also learned that some things, many that are "trends" are just not me, every single thing that I did buy that was't me has been worn maybe once or twice, I've already given many away, which in one years time is not OK with me, that's not enough wear. I also strayed into color palettes that were not me, making that same mistake as seeing colors on others that i loved made me think "maybe i can pull it off"....nope, i already knew my colors. Lastly, I've really discovered that quality matters. I totally am ashamed of the "junk" clothes that I've purchased that did fall apart within the year. My lessons have been learned. no more junk clothes (maybe junk accessories are Ok, that's a small purchase and can update your look for a season, I'm OK with that). I'm anxious to follow along with you this year. Kind Regards, Amy
    • Amy, this comment is straight from my head! Your words echo my thoughts completely!! Wow, I'm almost speechless that we are on the completely same page! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. It's so so encouraging! The challenge is for three months. Have a lovely weekend!
    • Diana Simmons Pierce
      Amy, I have gotten into the same thing! I've become one of those "crazy shoppers" too! OMG it's horrible! It is just way to easy to shop by clicking on a link, it goes directly to the item that I think I've GOT TO HAVE. One more click & it's on it's way to me. I totally agree. It is so time for me to get rid of the junk clothes, quit buying things that I'm not going to wear & settle into more of what works for me. I've even got to go through my accessories & par that down a bit. I have tons of stuff but nothing to wear!!!
      • Diana, this has been my dilemma as well. I'm focusing on not shopping for clothes for at least three months. If you'd like join ladies on that journey, please feel free to ask to join the Facebook group above. Hope you have a great weekend!
  • Saxon
    I am SO ready for this! On your mark. Get set. SO! ;)
    • Saxon
      Um. that should say GO! Talk about a let down. LOL
      • It's GO time friend! We are off and running!
  • I have actually thought pretty seriously of not shopping for this entire year. (Yikes!) However, I don't want to actually say it out loud, or write in my blog for fear of leading others astray if I cave, if that makes sense. However, I'm pretty sure I can handle 3 months.
    • I agree with you, Karen! I tried to that too but I wasn't ready and my heart wasn't in it. It is now so I'm going to take some baby steps and see what happens!
  • Part of my goal to wear everything in my closet includes no shopping for awhile. Signing up!
    • So glad to have you friend!
  • I don't think I can do this at this time. I'm still looking for a few basic pieces to round out my wardrobe. I only buy when the price is right or when I find the right piece. I had to replace my brown boots which I did with the fabulous Christmas sales. I am still looking for congnac flats. Can I participate with some caveats? I'll only buy when its planned for replacing/filling in a hole, but no impulse buys?
    • I would love for you to join my friend! Who knows maybe you won't even find those in the next 3 months.
      • Ok, I signed up! Add me to the FB page! I went to ON yesterday to look for workout gear and I kept thinking of this challenge. I left with nothing. Today, I went to TJMaxx to make a few returns. I looked all around but felt guilty. I did buy a computer bag/purse which I've been needing and looking for for a while but haven't been able to find in the price point I wanted. I happened to find one for $25! Score! I brought it home to see if my computer fits. It goes back if it won't work.
  • I won't be joining you for this challenge since my attempts at no shopping in the past have led me to binge shop. BUT I am getting back to my wardrobe budgeting that I've been pretty slack on for the last couple of seasons :)
    • Looking forward to your budget posts.
  • lizzylula
    I love this! I did it for January through March a few years ago, after I read Jen Hatmaker's book "7" and it was so good for me. I love resisting the mindless push of culture toward the next thing. (My husband and I call it "discontentin' " as in "Hey, want to go discontentin'? which means purposefully going out to look at new houses/cars/clothes. ;oD) I especially love that as a blogger, you're still helping us seek out ways to look our best, and to have fun with clothes without that constant push to the "next thing". There always will be one more thing we need, and sometimes, what we REALLY NEED is contentment with the oh so blessed life we live! I've always loved clothes and shopping, but I was stopped in my tracks several years ago when I read a paragraph out of Rich Sterns' book, "The Hole in our Gospel", where he paraphrases Jesus and says (speaking from the perspective of the truly needy), "I needed clothes, but you needed MORE clothes." Ouch! That stung, but it was right on the money! Thank you for helping us find balance! You're one of my favorites!
    • Thank you for this comment! Spoke to my heart and the core of my soul. I appreciate so much!! I'm added that book to my read list.
  • Terri Riley
    Please add me to the facebook page.
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