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Hello, friends! How was your weekend? Eventful or not? Restful or not? Mine was a running around and working kind of weekend. I was planning to have a quiet one but we had to replace our hot water heater {big praise that it didn’t burst} and we replaced some furniture too. All in all I would have to say that it was productive. A big plus was the sun showed up after a week of rain. It made me think back to last March and what the weather was like then and what I was wearing.

So I’m reaching back into March of last year to grab a look that I featured previously. My goal is to try to remix a new look with a piece or pieces from my closet while incorporating something I kept from last year. I hope this will inspire you to remix older pieces too.

Last year I purchased a pair of windowpane pixie pants from Old Navy. I wore them quite a bit and decided to keep them. One of my favorite looks wearing them was from last March.


wpOf these pieces, I kept the pants, tee and denim jacket. I gave the necklace to a friend so she could wear it on her honeymoon in Rome. The shoes I purged because they weren’t really me.

Using that look as inspiration, I came up with a new look and incorporated green in a different way. I am trying to keep in mind that rose quartz {aka: pink} needs to make its way into my wardrobe. I love the idea of a green and pink relationship in my wardrobe too. I adore a military vest that will cross so many seasons but I don’t currently own one. {Do you? Smart lady if one hangs in your closet}! I tried to improvise with this lightweight military green vest but I don’t love this look. I don’t love the vest and have been toying with idea of letting it go. I think this looks helps move me in the direction of doing just that.

windowpane +pink & greenSo what’s not working here versus the look from last year? The blue is definitely a better color on me. I can wear a military green but it needs to be a little more green which would look better with the light pink as well. I also think it does matter what you do with your hair and makeup. Some brighter lipstick and styling my hair differently might have made the look a little better but still not one I love.

windowpaneA few things to remember if you’re deciding to let go of pieces:

  • keep colors and pieces you love even if you don’t wear them often
  • let go of pieces that don’t fit well
  • before letting go of pieces that on the fence, create a few looks before making a final decision
  • don’t purge something that you have tried multiple ways
  • try a piece{s} in various seasons to see if works

At the end of the day I am letting go of the vest, shoes and probably the pants. At this point I’ll keep the blouse but I’d like to find a better pink or blush one in the future. I’m still trying to fulfill three months of no shopping so I’m waiting until April as hard as it is right now, I’m still committed to be shop free. I want to be faithful to my word.

I hope you’re working through your pieces and keeping only what you love. It has made a huge impact on me and makes getting dressed so simple.

If you remember last week I added a little bit of what I’m thankful for these days. I want to be able to link up with my friend Shaunacey because I love what she’s doing with Monday Moments of Gratitude. Today I’m ever so grateful that our hot water did not burst and cause water damage in our home. I’m thankful for a mechanically gifted husband who never fears to take on any home improvement project. What do you have to grateful for today? Please stop by and visit Simply Shaunacey to hear what she’s featuring today.


And since it’s Monday, it’s time for our link-up. Thanks to everyone who joined in last week. Whitney and I enjoyed reading your posts and searching for our favorite looks. Can’t wait to see what you lovely ladies link up this week.


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Each week we choose a favorite…check out Whitney’s blogs to see if it’s you! My favorite last week was a post by Jen at Librarian for Life and Style. So glad she linked up! This bright kelly green blouse is such a gorgeous pop of color. I adore the polka dot skirt too. Jen just created an easy look that is perfect inspiration. I hope you’ll stop by and read her post here.

Librarian for Life + Style | Green + black SIA inspiration

The most clicked look was Shelly at The Queen in Between. I saw her look on several social media sights and lots of people loved this look. I agree!

I’ll be linking up again with my blogging buddies on Wednesday for Style Perspectives. Please join in! Again, The Blended Blog is hosting this style challenge and I will be participating each week. The prompts are listed below and you can see my style here each Wednesday and how others style the prompt on The Blended Blog. Hope you’ll join in and share your looks on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #theblendedblogstyle . It should be a blast!

styleperspectives prompts

I don’t always link up but when I do here’s where you’ll find me linking up.

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Have always adored the Old Navy pixie pants and what a fabulous fit on you!! The windowpane design is divine and I love the versatility! Yay to no water heater burst and wishing you a fantastic week ahead beautiful!!
    • Pixie pants are really great pants for sure. Hope you're week is as beautiful as you!
  • Love the pattern on these pants!! Jaymie
  • I need to retry an outfit again on the blog, the use of these pants again was a good idea with Rose Quartz and green. Rachel xo http://garaytreasures.com
    • I hope you try it, Rachel! It's been super helpful to me to recreate looks from last year.
  • Those pants are great! I found a similar pair at Target last year and didn't buy them--and regretted it ever since! I love that you share looks from last year and whether the pieces are still in your closet. I feel like you have such practical, smart philosophies for how you decide what stays and goes. I used to be more diligent about this but have gotten more lax of late... I need to get better so my closet doesn't get out of control!
    • Yes, yes! An out of control closet is just a distraction. Maybe I need to take a road trip and help you!
  • I have always loved those pants on you, and wow, they look awesome with those yellowish shoes!
  • These pants have always been a favorite of mine on you. I really like both ways you styled them here, but I prefer the one you wore last year. I really like how you are restyling looks from last year - really great idea!
  • RedTagChicLA
    Always so pretty - got to get my hands on a pair of window pane pants like that ! Have a fab week ahead! Rebecca www.redtagchiclosangeles.com
    • Thank you, Rebecca. Hope you can find a pair!
  • Happinessatmidlife
    Those are great pants, I always love seeing them on you. Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week! Alice www.happinessatmidlife.com Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.
    • Thank you, Alice! See you on Thursday!
  • Jodie Filogomo
    I'm glad you kept those pants----they really are a fabulous staple! This years look seems more muted than last March's---maybe that's why you don't love it as much! It certainly looks good, but I do admit to liking those shoes you gave away!! jodie www.jtouchofstyle.com thanks for hosting!
    • Thanks, Jodie! I really appreciate your input. Yes, muted is not something I really like all that well. Hope you have a great week!
  • Love those pants, but whatever you do Do Not Throw them in the dryer! I bought a pair in red and they shrunk up so I couldn't wear them anymore.
    • Oh, good to know. Thank you, Amy!
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  • I don't think you should get rid of those pants! They look great on you. I love pink and military green together too. I got a great vest at Nordstrom last year - not sure if they still have it. It was a linen blend so a little lighter weight.
    • Thank you for your input on the pants and the vest. I saw one last fall at Nordstrom's Rack but I waited too long and it was gone. Bummer!
  • Emma Peach
    I really like the pants, they are definitely ones to keep! I think they look great with the white tee and denim jacket. You could have lots of fun trying different colour shoes with them :-) Emma xxx style-splash.com
    • Thank you for your input, Emma!
  • I don't know, I really like those pants on you and they seem like they fit with your style really well (in my opinion at least). On the other hand, if you really aren't feeling them, might as well get rid of them!
    • Thank you, friend! I appreciate your input so much!
  • I'm loving the windowpane pants on you, especially paired with the denim jacket! I would keep them! Rachael http://www.threadsforthomasblog.com
    • Thank you, Rachel. Hope you have a lovely week!
  • I love those windowpane pants! Sorry to hear about your hot water heater, glad to hear it didn't burst! Brooke pumps and push-ups
    • Thanks, Brooke! Yes, we are so so thankful no bursting water heater! Hope you have a great week!
  • I would totally keep the pants! I can see letting go of the other pieces though. Becky www.bybmgblog.com
    • Thanks, Becky! I really appreciate the input! Have a great week!
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  • I remember those pants and I still love them on you!!! I also really really love your advice about things to think about when getting rid of a piece, I need to go through my closet and will carry those words with me when I do. Thank goodness your hot water heater didn't leak! Thanks so much for linking up & happy monday! :) Simply Shaunacey
    • Thank you, dear one for your encouragement! I really appreciate it!
  • Darcy from A Memory of Us
    I really like those pants!! I have been looking for new work pieces, I need to find a pair like this! www.amemoryofus.com
  • Jen
    What a lovely surprise to see my green-and-black outfit featured! Thanks so much! :) Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style, http://librarianforlifestyle.com
    • You're welcome, sweet Jen! Loved your look and I also loved your book review about style. I've tracked down a copy on Abe books.
  • Love those window pane trousers and you look great! Thanks for the linkup. xo Sheree http://poshclassymom.com IG: @poshclassymom
    • Thank you, Sheree and glad you've added your post to our link up. Have a lovely week!
  • Great advice. I think there is a lot to the Kon-Mari method and was able to purge my closet earlier this year by just touching items in question and asking myself if they gave me joy. Those pieces that were too snug or in poor shape were instant NOs!
    • Absolutely good advice there friend!
  • It's a shame you are getting rid of those pants as they look great on you! It's good to clean out and de-clutter and get rid of things that you aren't happy with any more though :) Away From The Blue Blog
    • Thank you for the input! It is helping me and I am rethinking those pants.
  • I remember those pants from last year. I love them! Although totally understand why you are giving them up. Such great advice on what to giveaway from your closet. I don't have a military vest yet...but have been looking around for one, also a blush blouse...haven't found that yet either...
    • If you find those pieces let me know!
  • love those pants, and how you paired them with a jean jacket!
  • Laura
    Those pants are so cute and versatile! Love them with the jean jacket! Good for you for really cleaning out your closet. I am not sure I could be so strict!
  • Carrie, I love these pants on you, perfect fit and I remember looking for them when you first posted. Aww, are you sure you wont keep em? I love that you have made a plan and are sticking to it, lots of willpower my friend! You look great. I went through my closet and plan on listing items soon, as I am keeping what i love as well. jess xo www.elegantlydressedandsylish.com
    • Yes! Keeping what we love helps us to feel great when we get dressed for sure.
  • Lanae Bond
    Your outfit are really cute! I love the second look the best!
  • Abby Castro
    Gorgeous pants you got there! I love this pattern! xo, Abby of Life in the Fash Lane