in the Pink

Pink. I just want more of it in my life. I’m not sure why all of sudden I have a huge crush on pink but I do. My husband has told me several times that he likes me in pink but for some reason I typically don’t have much of it in my wardrobe. What I’m finding is that even when I have it in my wardrobe I tend to pull it out and send it packing to Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor or any number of thrift stores in my area.

I thought I would go into the archives and see how I’ve worn pink in the past to be inspired or reminisce. I found a few looks but I hope to have more in the future. Hang with me friends, I’m working on being more of a pink girl.

My most recent pink look was in February for Create28 when I styled Red & Pink. I adore this little pink skirt but to be honest I have only worn it a handful of times. It has never gone on an adventure to be sold for some reason.

skirt & scarf

During 2016 I found another pink look. This little floral top is one of my favorites. It is so feminine and can easily be dressed up or down. I wrote about it in this post as my favorite floral.

Favorite Floral

I wore a soft pink cardigan in 2015 that was a perfect feminine addition for work look. The Pop of Pink post can be found here. I wish I had this cardigan but it went on a pink purge evidently.

Pop of Pink 3

In the Spring of 2015 I styled this little striped dress as a part of a style challenge. When one of my friends got married in May 2015 and loved the dress I gave to her for her honeymoon trip to Rome. The dress can be found in this post.

Day 14

Where do you fall on the scale of loving pink? Is it your fave or not so much? Do you have plenty in your Spring wardrobe or do you need to add a little more? There are so many options out there when it comes to gorgeous shades of pink. I mean blush is EVERYWHERE right now. And rightly so because it is positively beautiful. But then there is bright or hot pink and it’s gorgeous on a whole other level.

I thought I would leave with some pink inspiration for Spring. Different shades and pieces that would add pop to anyone’s wardrobe.

Pink Pants

Pink Cardigans

Pink Blouses

Pink Shoes



Y’all have a beautiful day and enjoy some PINK along the way.

Carrie ~ xoxox

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Beautiful babe in pink! I am especially loving the soft florals and there so many shades of pink with all the blush colors, just feels so feminine and girly. I hope you have a wonderful day beautiful lady!
    • Thank you sweet lady! I think I'm loving pink right now. We'll see if it sticks.
  • Nicole Mölders
    The sheath dress is stunning!
  • ADA
    Awwww, you wear pink beautifully. The first outfit and the one with the striped pink dress are my favorites, Carrie. =)
  • You do look lovely in pink! :) I am starting to wear more pink, I used to only have a couple pieces of pink but I've been branching out and getting more of it. I do sometimes struggle to wear it, but I find it easier to wear than red or green. I tend to do the same thing you do with pink but with red - have a red piece and not wear it often so donate it on and then miss it, get another red piece, not wear it often etc. It's just not an easy colour for me to wear. Hope you are having a great start to the week! Away From The Blue Blog
    • Hello my fellow pink struggler...let's keep trying to get it into our wardrobe. It's just too pretty not to.
  • Pink is one of my favorite colors, especially in spring. It's so pretty on you!
    • And you look so lovely in pink!
  • I don't know why, but pink isn't colour I associate with you. but I absolutely love it on yoU!
    • You are so correct! It's not a color that associate myself with either but I'm going to try. :)
  • I think you look great in pink, but like Deena said, it's not typically a color I associate on you. Funny Lisa did a post today about not wearing pink too, hehe. I am on the I could wear pink all day everyday camp. But you probably already knew that.
    • You always look so pretty in pink, friend!
  • Pink is so pretty on you! I especially love the pink floral blouse with the plum cardigan--what a great combo! I love pink, it's one of my favorite colors, but for some reason I don't have a ton of it in my wardrobe. Must fix that.
    • It's always funny to really look through our wardrobes and realize what colors we have and don't.
  • Laura
    I love pink! It's hard to find pink pieces that aren't overly feminine (almost Barbie) looking though. I have a pink skirt similar to yours and love pairing it with shades of blue or mint!
    • Such a good point about Barbie. Maybe that's my hang up. :)
  • I think I tried to deny liking pink for so long, but now I fully embrace it. It's just such a lovely color! I love that last dress on you- it's beautiful!
    • Go for the pink pretty lady!
  • I love pink and I'm not ashamed, haha! I seriously love the striped dress, like so so cute!! It looks great on you. Brooke Pumps and Push-Ups
    • I can totally see you in pink and it would be beautiful on you!
  • Looking for some pale pink pumps. I have never been much on pink but in the past year I've developed quite the crush myself.
    • We are in the same boat on pink.
  • Nicole Mölders
    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. These are all great work outfits!
  • dan
    Hi! Pink is a very feminine colour and suits you so well! I love your outfits, especially the last one : the striped dress goes perfectly with the big look lovely!
  • So pretty in pink!! Jaymie
  • So many pretty in pink looks, Carrie! I do not have much pink in my closet at all, and the pink I do have is all bright pink. Well, I guess I do have a few blush pieces, too. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday! A Pocketful of Polka Dots
  • I've always loved that pink and white striped dress! So fun to see these looks again!