TBB: 4F’s Focus + More

I’m super happy to be here today. Why? Well, I’m just so thankful to be back to mostly 100% after the flu. Thank you, sweet friends, for showing up, reading and commenting. Last week was a wash to keep up and so I just didn’t. It’s about the balance of grace in life. Thank you for giving me grace if I didn’t respond to all the comments or make my way over to your blog. A new week and I hope to be more on track!

Today, I’m linking up with my friends at The Blended Blog and we’re sharing about a few goals in the realm of fashion, food, friendship and fitness goals. I’m adding my own flair to this list too.

2018(1)My goals so to speak are not set in stone hard and fast for me. I’m just refocusing in the areas mentioned above and aiming in a direction where I want to venture during 2018.

Fashion ~ I’m just over trying to look like the best bloggers out there and buy the perfect pieces to create the best looks and of course have a capsule wardrobe to boot. Instead, I’m focusing on being Carrie and dress in the way that exudes me. I hope to be a better curator of clothing and purchase pieces that I love and work in ways that compliment my flavor of style. Currently, I basically happy with my closet but I’m looking forward to reworking a few areas to really be me and love what I wear. I’m excited about my style this year!

Food ~ If you read this post, then you are aware that my eating habits have already changed. Of course, I’ll eat real food that mostly fits into the organic an non-GMO category because that’s my norm. Something I really want to accomplish this year is to be a better cook and baker. I’m planning to take some cooking courses to help me that during 2018.

Friendship ~ More time with people, of course, is the plan for 2018. More coffee dates and simply being more intentional in my relationships. Sadly, I’ve neglected this a lot in recent years.

Fitness ~ Going into 2018, my plan was to start January with two a day workouts. One workout was for weights and next was going to be focused on cardio and interval training. Well, I can probably count on my fingers how many workouts that have actually happened so far this year. Sickness…it has taken me and my husband on a crazy ride this January. Then I got the wake-up call from the doctor and dietician about my health. Now, I’m trying to be more realistic. I still want to run a 5k or something like that in the competitive vein. I’m planning to add a little yoga and take a spin class here and there. I’ll still lift weights but I have to let the building big muscle goal sit on the bench for a while.

Faith ~ Since all the things in life really spark from my faith, that is the most important goal. Really, I am just trying to focus on being more consistent in reading and praying. I am trying to work on finding someone who will be my accountability partner too.

What are some of your goals or areas you plan to focus on during 2018? Let me hear you, friends!

Have a great day!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • These are awesome goals! Let's make spending real-life time together one of our friendship goals. Maybe we could even schedule it in such a way that we could do a 5k together?!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Love coffee dates and so happy you included Faith! It truly is the most important! Sending even more get better vibes, want this to be a good week for you! xo
    • Thank you, sweet friend!
  • Great post, Carrie. It sounds like you are doing things to find balance in your life and that is always a positive!
    • Thank you, Jennie! I really am focused this year...hope I end well!
  • I'm glad you're feeling better- I seem to not be able to shake whatever it is that i caught. Sigh.
    • Oh, I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is such a drag!
  • Laura
    I am so glad you are feeling better again! Love your goals! I'd love to eventually take some cooking classes too. Cooking and baking is so much fun!
    • I just wish I had more people around my table to cook for...#emptynestproblems
  • Glad you are feeling better!! Some really great goals. Especially the friendship one. Need to remember to keep those relationships alive while also trying to navigate regular life.
    • Yes, you'll be glad you did!
  • So sorry you got hit with the flu, it's so bad this year! Glad you're back to feeling better. Loved reading your goals, its always inspiring for me to read what others are working on! Brooke pumps and push-ups
  • Natalie @memeandharri
    I love this post. I am also going to sort out my fashion after losing myself a little. Good luck with them all #dreamteam
    • Thank you, Natalie! Keep at it friend and you'll rediscover yourself in a beautiful way!
  • It's so easy to neglect friendships, especially when you have some health issues that take center stage. Hopefully you'll be able to get those things back on track this year!
  • Teresa Solem
    Those all sound like very positive goals and not too over the top! I'm writing from Party in Your PJ's, thank you so much for linking up with us! Glad you are feeling better, the flu is rough this year. I look forward to hearing how your year progresses!
  • Victoria Welton
    It sounds like you have some great goals for the year - I am only just setting mine. I decided January would be a free trial month!! :) #MMBC